Celiac disease

Over our academic and professional career, we have often offered our services to people suffering from gluten intolerance. It was thanks to personal contact with our clients, each of them having
different sensitivity and taste, that we learnt that getting rid of gluten-based products is not enough to be healthy. More importantly, you should know the processing method for foodstuffs in order to avoid contamination in the kitchen. Gluten intolerance is insidious and often such condition is not dealt with properly, that is implementing vital safety measures. The celiac disease is not that known yet and often not enough care is taken.
We like to propose new recipes, using food which can be considered as a true alternative to gluten-based products, both from the taste and nutritional side. Also, we get inspired by typical recipes from Tuscany and Umbria and we adjust them to gluten-intolerant people, taking special care during preparation in the kitchen, in order to avoid any contamination.
We like to see many people sitting around a table, celebrating the same event and equally enjoying it, regardless of their different needs of whatsoever nature: health, conscience, religion or culture.