Do you want to treat your guests and family to a special evening in your villa? Ever thought of a wine tasting in Italy?
The Eatalianists offer you the opportunity to taste many delicious kinds of wine. We will tell you about the origins and history of fine wines which have become the ambassadors of our Italian regions in the world. You can taste Chianti, Montefalco, Montepulciano and Sagrantino, just to name a few. You can also choose to taste local and organic wine or to pick a region and discover it through its wine.
Rossana, our excellent Sommelier, boasts a long experience in the wine and wine-tasting sector and is fluent in English, French and German. We will organize a fun evening for you to experience the history of most famous Italian wine and have a virtual stroll in the magnificent vineyards of Chianti and Montepulciano. You will taste the marvelous Italian wine matched with delicious typical food from Tuscany and Umbria. We will prepare typical products and recipes from Umbria and Tuscany to match the wine you pick for your Italian wine tasting. We will serve them during the wine tasting while our Sommelier will be explaining you the art of Italian wine. You won’t have to worry about anything: just sit down, relax and enjoy your wine-tasting experience. You will be able to share your wine knowledge with our sommelier and have a direct experience of our delicious food and wine for a special evening that you will hardly forget! The Eatalianists’ wine tasting is one step ahead!

In addition to the Italian wine tasting, the Eatalianists have recently started to offer Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Tasting. Our olive oil expert will teach you how to taste high-quality extra-virgin olive oil and how to distinguish it from low-quality products. So you’ll be able to move knowledgeably in the world of food.


Are you looking for a theme cooking class?
We will teach you how to cook typical recipes from our regions and other Italian specialties.
Cooking classes start with a small aperitivo thus creating a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere to cook Italian food.
We will work together so that you will get to master the preparation of some typical recipes from Tuscany and Umbria and you will be able to prepare it for your friends once you go back home. You will live a real gastronomic experience and learn how to choose the highest-quality ingredients and how to cook them best … not to mention how to match this all with delicious wine.

Great Italian wine like Chianti, Montefalco, Montepulciano, Di Filippo etc. will match each cooking class and recipe.
At the end of each cooking class, you will taste the food that you have made yourself and … you won’t have to bother about cleaning the kitchen! We’ll do it for you!
Before starting our cooking class, you will receive a notebook containing the recipes that we will prepare together. At the end of the cooking course we will treat you to a hand-made and hand-painted pottery item, specially designed for you. The pottery item and recipe notebook will be your personal souvenir of our cooking class.