With the support of our collaborators, we will take care of sourcing raw material to prepare the menus you have chosen. We will search for niche, certified typical products thanks to which your meals will become a true sensorial experience.

Just try to imagine the buffets we usually prepare for the continental breakfast of cooking holidays: apart from setting the whole dining room, we will set the table with a wide selection of teas, Italian espresso coffee, American coffee, milk, fruit juices, orange squeeze, milkshake of fruit and vegetable, croissant of brown flours with various fillings (whole wheat flour, or whole wheat cereals, aromatic herbs, spices, etc.), fresh seasonal fruit, bacon and eggs and anything else our clients may desire.

For your event, be it a lunch, dinner or a special occasion, we will take care of all aspects: from sourcing niche products at our trusted and highly-selected suppliers (we always prefer high-quality products) to selecting ingredients for specific requirements (celiac disease, kosher food etc.); we will set your dining room and tables (if you have specific decoration requirements we will do our utmost to meet them), we will provide music service, flower decoration and last but not least, we will served highly refined dishes, ranging from traditional and typical cuisine to Nouvelle cuisine. Finally, cleaning of the room is included in the service.
Our collaborators are highly selected and great experts in the sector, nevertheless we like to supervise all steps of the service. The selection is up to you, we offer our knowledge and profession to satisfy your desire for Italian typical gastronomy, to re-discover typical home-made recipes or even to try never-experienced -before taste.

Whatever your request, we will meet your expectations.