Main theme dinner: truffle


Velvety potatoes of Colfiorito and quail eggs, bread and truffles black / white

Shapeless of porcini mushrooms and radicchio salad, on a bad of potatoes and leek with slices truffles

Timbale of artichoke and potatoes with castelmagno's cheese souce and truffles

Hors-d'oeuvre with truffle: omelett with truffle, truflle bruschetta, truffle cheese, truffle salami, and meatball with ricotta cheese and truffle

First plate

Tagliatelle home made pasta with butter and black/white truffles

Umbricelli pasta with norcina souce (cream, sousages, truffle)

Risotto with black truffle with burrata cream of bufala cheese

Cappellacci pasta with selvaggina and pecorino souce and sliced truffles

Gnocchi of yellow zucchini (courgette) with taleggio cheese souce and truffle

Second plate

Fillet of chianina with truffle souce and skewer of grilled vegetables

Stew of lamb with truffle and timbale of potatoes and thyme

Beef cutted with truffle caciotta cheese and chiodini mushrooms

Loin of pork in black gold souce with oubergine and cherry tomatoes

Omelette with truffle and Bufala cheese with artichoke and aromatic erbs